Manx Chorizo is now available!

We have been enjoying Chorizo for many years - importing the best stuff direct from Spain. However we found that most of the Chorizo available in supermarkets was not nearly as good.
So we set out to create our own Chorizo using Pork from our rare breed Tamworth pigs. It took us several years to perfect the recipe and method - but finally we learned how to produce a very high quality Chorizo.
We recently arranged a blind taste test of 4 different Chorizo :
  1. Our Close Leece Farm Manx Chorizo
  2. A top quality Iberico Bellota Chorizo from Spain (retailed at over £16 for 100g!)
  3. A supermarket 'finest' Chorizo
  4. A Chorizo made by one of the few UK producers
Five people did the tasting. The result was that all of them agreed that 1 and 2 (ours and the expensive one) were far better than the other two. Three out of the five thought that ours was their favourite of them all!
Available now, direct through our online shop, through the food assembly, and we will have some for sale at our stand at Peel day this Sunday 4th June.
We are very proud of our Chorizo and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.