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Manx Tamworth Salami Forte
Manx Tamworth Salami Forte, a fine example of British Charcuterie, a Great Taste Award winner.
Manx Tamworth Salami Forte
Manx Tamworth Salami Forte

Manx Tamworth Salami Forte

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Winner of a 2 star award at the Great Taste Awards 2018. 

Great Taste Awards Judge’s comment – "A good looking salami, soft warming garlic fuzzing away through the background, pepper on the tip of the tongue, salty but not overly salty, good, mature, well aged pork and melting fat. Lingering, some sweetness and also a deeply savoury clean flavour on the palate.

Handmade on the farm with pork from our pasture-raised Rare Breed Tamworth pigs.

Just as we had demand for a spicier chorizo, so we also had calls for a bolder salami. Here we take our classic salami and add a more obvious spice blend to the meat for those with a taste for stronger flavours.

One of our bestsellers - a wonderful lively salami.

Sold as a 100g stick, peeled and vacuum packed to ensure freshness. Alternatively available in a 100g pack of slices. If you would like paper-wrapped sticks with skins please contact us as these are sold by weight.

Ingredients –  Tamworth Pork, Sea Salt, Fennel, Black Pepper, Garlic, Wine, Demerara sugar, Oregano, Dextrose, Curing Salt, Vitamin C