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Manx Dragon Premium Rare Breed Tamworth Pork Sausages
Manx Dragon Premium Rare Breed Tamworth Pork Sausages
Manx Dragon Premium Rare Breed Tamworth Pork Sausages

Manx Dragon Premium Rare Breed Tamworth Pork Sausages

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A mild seasoning mixed with a perfected blend of two types of chilli and a little garlic to produce a tasty and warming sausage.

A pack of 6 fresh artisanal sausages, approx 500g. 

    What's so special about our sausages? 

    Provenance - handmade on our farm from our own pasture raised rare breed Tamworth pigs.

    Taste : Tamworth pork is sought after by top chefs as the best tasting pork. It came top in a “taste test” carried out by Bristol University which used both commercial and rare breed pork in a scientifically-controlled experiment.

    Quality :We hand make our sausages using top quality pork. Lesser sausages are made with offal and mechanically reclaimed meat.

    Mature : Tamworths have been bred to produce the best tasting pork, and it takes time to develop taste. Commercial breeds were bred to gain the most weight in the shortest time, and grow about 3 times faster than Tamworths.

    Feed : We feed our pigs with the highest quality feed, supplemented by apples from local orchards and locally grown barley.

    Welfare : Our pigs are 100% pasture raised in our chemical free fields. The Tamworth pig is well suited to the Manx climate so they can stay outside all year. Lesser sausages are made from intensively reared pork where pigs are kept their whole lives in tiny stalls where they can hardly move.

    Rare breed : Tamworths are Britains oldest pure breed pig and are listed as a ‘Vulnerable’ breed by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as fewer than 300 breeding females remain. Buying Tamworth pork helps to protect the future of the breed.

    Manx : Bred, reared and produced on the Isle of Man.


    In every way, the very best Sausages.


    If out of stock - contact us at to find out about and preorder some from our next batch.


    Ingredients: Tamworth pork, wheat flour rusk, salt, sage, rosemary, nutmeg, pepper, preservatives, Chile pepper, garlic, parsley. Allergens : Gluten, Sulphites