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Artisan sliced charcuterie at its best. A selection of 6 sliced meats ranging from Pancetta to Coppa and Bresaola to a really unusual smoked vodka ham. All made on the Farm from our own Rare Breed Pasture-Raised Tamworth pigs and Manx cattle. A treat for any lover of charcuterie.

This selection has won 5 Great Taste Awards Stars!

Manx Bresaola
Winner of a Two Star Great Taste Award, 2021.

Great Taste Awards Judge’s comment – "The slices are just the right size, beautifully rich and deep in colour with delicate marbling and an almost gamey aroma. The meat is incredibly tender and soft in the mouth. The flavours are gentle, coming through in layers with a wonderfully balanced delicacy and complexity on the palate. They linger and develop into an umami finish. If anything it may benefit from a hint more pepper but that's just a personal taste from the Judges. We loved the tenderness and craftsmanship."

A fine example of this single muscle charcuterie. Made from Beef raised in the verdant pastures of the Isle of Man, by our team of expert charcuterie producers. The taste of the beef is clear and the meat is very lean. Our first Beef product and we are very pleased with it!

60g sliced. Ingredients –  Manx Beef, Curing Salt, Black Pepper

Manx Coppa
Winner of a Great Taste Award, 2019.

Great Taste Awards Judge’s comment – "A good natural colour with fine aroma on the nose. Rich pungent taste. Pleasant aftertaste which made the judges want more.. chews beautifully with creamy fat. Melts on the tongue. The judges enjoyed the feeling in the mouth and thought the balance of meat and fat was just right”

The quality of the shoulder joint and neck of our Rare Breed pasture raised Tamworth pigs is exceptional. We have used it in all of our charcuterie and serve it in our café and restaurant with great success. So there was a certain inevitability to us developing a beautiful Coppa. Our master butcher prepares the joint carefully and we hang it for three months following the curing period.

The final Coppa has a beautiful marbling and is a treat for lovers of charcuterie. Perfect at the centre of a charcuterie board or served solo with crusty bread and cheese.

60g sliced pack. Ingredients – Tamworth Pork, Sea Salt, Demerara sugar, Black Pepper, Paprika

Air dried smoked ham, cured in orange, juniper berry and vodka

A "small-batch" addition to our charcuterie range. Fruity juniper berries and oranges with a hint of vodka go exceptionally well with our gently smoked air dried Tamworth hams.

Sold sliced in 60g packs.

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Ingredients –  Tamworth pork, curing salt, demerara sugar, dextrose, oranges, vodka and juniper berries.

Manx Pancetta

Winner of a Great Taste Award, 2019. 

Great Taste Awards Judge’s comment – "A very tempting aroma enticing us in!  Sweet and deep aroma - and this follows through on the palate. Porky and sweet, the fat and the pork have been cured well and dry aged well.

The belly joint of our Tamworth pigs combines delicious Tamworth meat with luxurious creamy fat (which the breed is well known for). This allows us to produce a truly wonderful, traditional, unsmoked Pancetta. Once cooked it delivers just the right amount of crispiness with wonderful flavour. A treat for any culinary creation!

60g sliced. Ingredients –  Tamworth Pork, Sea Salt, Demerara sugar, Black Pepper, Paprika

Manx Smoked Pork Loin

A wonderful smoked air dried loin made from our own pasture-raised Manx Rare Breed Tamworth pigs.

Prepared with the same care and attention as our award-winning charcuterie. We are looking forward to taking this newcomer to competitions in 2021!

60g sliced. Ingredients –  Manx Tamworth Pork, Salt, Demerera Sugar, Curing Salt, Black Pepper, paprika

Manx Tamworth Guanciale
Winner of a Great Taste Award, 2021.

Handmade on the farm with pork from our pasture-raised Rare Breed Tamworth pigs.

An exciting addition to our charcuterie range is the Guanciale. A wonderfully tasty cured meat from the jowls, that brings real flavour to any dish.

60g sliced. Ingredients – Tamworth pork, demerara sugar, pepper, curing salt, sodium ascorbate (antioxidant).