Manx Chorizo extra Picante!

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Building on our original Manx Chorizo, itself a winner of a 2 star 'Outstanding' award at the Great Taste Awards 2017 we present Manx Chorizo extra Picante!

Thanks to our careful blending and long curing period the heat is not immediate but builds, to provide a long lasting and memorable treat for the taste buds. 

Handmade to a recipe similar to our original Manx Chorizo we add a careful blend of three chillis including the Carolina Reaper and the Ghost!

We use pork from our pasture raised Manx Rare Breed Tamworth pigs and slow cure the traditional way.

Most commercially available Chorizo is mass produced using cheap, intensively reared pork and a faster cure process which does not taste as good. We cure our Chorizo for 6-8 weeks with temperature and humidity carefully controlled to ensure a perfect result, which we think compares well with the finest Spanish Iberico Bellota Chorizo.

Supplied as 100g of either sliced Manx Chorizo extra Picante in a vacuum sealed packet or as a whole 100g piece.