Manx Fennel and Pepper Salami Forte

Manx Fennel and Pepper Salami Forte

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Adding to the Close Leece Farm charcuterie family we are please to present our Manx Fennel and Pepper Salami Forte.

Handmade with pork from our pasture raised Manx Rare Breed Tamworth pigs, our Fennel and Pepper Salami Forte is slow cured the traditional way and uses a blend of fennel and peppers for a pleasing taste. A really tasty sausage with a bold taste. Try it and there will be no tunring back!

Most commercially available Salami is mass produced using cheap, intensively reared pork and a faster cure process which does not taste as good and often has a rubbery texture. We cure our Salami for 6-8 weeks with temperature and humidity carefully controlled to ensure a perfect result.

Supplied as 100g of either sliced Manx Fennel and Pepper Salami Forte in a vacuum sealed packet or as a whole 100g piece.