Salami Selection Hamper

Salami Selection Hamper

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All three of our superb salamis.

We start with our classic Tamworth Salami which blends fennel and black pepper with our Tamworth meat. We then move onto the  Loaghtan Lamb Salami, which really lets the flavour of the lamb through. And finish with the bolder Salami Forte which packs more punch!

The perfect gift for Charcuterie fans.

Manx Tamworth Salami

Winner of a 2 star Great Taste Award.

Great Taste Award judge - "Super looking salami, nice dark meat with good firm texture and an even spread of fat, easy to cut, fruity in flavour with the garlic and fennel both noticeable in flavour. A very easy to eat classic salami”

Manx Loagthan Lamb Salami

Winner of a Great Taste Award

Great Taste Award judge - "...spicy/herby and peppery, not greasy, with a lingering finish in which the pepper balances well with the cured lamb"

Manx Tamworth Salami Forte

Winner of a 2 star Great Taste Award

Great Taste Award judge - "A good looking salami, soft warming garlic fuzzing away through the background, pepper on the tip of the tongue, salty but not overly salty, good, mature, well-aged pork and melting fat"

Presented in a mini seagrass hamper

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This hamper can be delivered across the UK.